Creating a great donor experience

Depending on a charity’s location, Global Fundraising Services can provide the following donor care services through our partners.

Making fundraising more efficient

Direct debits can take anywhere between 30 and 60 days to be processed, but we can significantly reduce that timeframe and take care of the whole financial reconciliation process. It means donors can be assured their donations are being handled in a timely and efficient way and charities can focus on putting their funds to the best possible use.

Security & technology

We use the latest technology so that charities and donors can be confident that all data and payment-processing information is absolutely protected. We also integrate with iPads used by Appco Group Support for donor acquisitions and provide user-friendly dashboards so charities can easily monitor their donor databases in real time.

Data analysis

We believe that great communications and analytics are essential for creating long-lasting relationships between donors and the causes they support. We can provide bespoke data-analytics reporting, which allows charities to understand more about their donors and trends in the sector, so that they are always ahead of the curve.


We tailor charity communications to suit what the donor has asked for. Whether that means email and SMS correspondence only, print only or a bit of everything, we make sure donors stay informed and engaged with updates and news from their charity of choice, in the way that suits them.

Contact centre

Depending on what our charity partners need and what your donors want, we can provide services such as welcome calls and donor verifications. We also have dedicated inbound customer service lines to answer any questions that donors may have and to manage the reputations of our charity partners. In some locations we can also provide acquisition calls.