Face-to-face donor acquisition

For almost 20 years, in countries across the world, we have been inspiring members of the public to generously donate on a regular, on-going basis to a variety of different charities and NGOs. You might call it donor acquisition; we call it having real conversations, face to face, with real people.

We speak to people face-to-face because it allows them to learn more about the charities we represent and to ask all the questions they need answered before they decided to donate (or not), in a relaxed and engaging manner. We also do it this way because we believe we all like to see and hear from people in person.

And every conversation is important. Whether a person we speak to chooses to become a regular-giving donor, or decides the time isn’t right, we like to make sure that they still walk away knowing more about the charitable campaign our fundraisers are representing.

It works. Our personal approach is a successful and cost-effective way for charities to secure the incredibly generous long-term donors who contribute essential on-going funds to their causes. And we are proud to be able to say that every month, via our face-to-face donor-acquisition service Appco Group Support, we acquire over 150,000 new donors for the charities we work with around the world.

That’s a lot of charities, fundraisers and donors working hand in hand to make a serious impact on people, communities and environmental programmes around the world. How cool is that?

Our fundraisers, your donor-acquisition experts

Appco Group Support has a global network of more than 4,300 fundraisers representing our charity partners and speaking to potential donors every day. Now that’s a lot of important conversations!

We understand our face-to-face fundraisers are ambassadors for our charity partners’ causes, which is why it is essential they receive coaching on every campaign they represent to hone their skills and support their passion.

Our fundraisers also have regular contact with our charity partners, ensuring they understand and feel connected to the causes they represent.

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