About us

That’s where we come in. We understand these challenges, which is why we’re dedicated to securing reliable on-going funds (through the generous donors we speak to) and managing the donor experience so our charity partners can focus their time on planning and delivering their vital services.

By integrating face-to-face donor acquisition (through Appco Group Support) and donor experience solutions (through Donor First and SG Global Support Services) we provide charities with a complete end-to-end fundraising and donor-experience solution, or the option to select the service they need, via a central, dedicated team.

We are committed to doing what we do responsibly, and in a way that is not only compliant with all relevant industry and government regulations, but also respectful of and responsive to people’s preferences.

Our own policies are among the most robust in the sector and we are active members of charity sector associations and regulatory bodies around the world.

We genuinely believe that positive face-to-face fundraising benefits charities and the people who donate to them, and we want to help improve and protect this method for all. That’s why we support a variety of actions designed to improve fundraising standards and that ensure donors stay happy and fundraising continues to provide for those in need.

Who’s with us?!