Global Fundraising Services

Welcome to Global Fundraising Services. We are proud to be a professional face-to-face fundraising agency. We are committed to doing what we do to a high standard and providing charities with a service that genuinely helps them fund their causes over the long term.

We inspire people to give on an on-going basis to the charities we represent. We also help our charity partners’ existing donors stay informed, protected and happy to continue donating to the causes they so generously support.

It all starts with a conversation. We speak to people face to face, which allows them to learn more about the charity and to ask all the questions they need answered before they decide to donate, or not.

And we treat every conversation as important. A person may choose not to donate, or they may decide the time is right to become a regular-giving donor. Either way, they will walk away knowing more about the charitable campaign.

Regular donations are vital because they allow charities to plan many of their programmes in advance. For example, ongoing donations from the people we speak to have helped charities to:

Prepare for natural and manmade disasters (well before they happen) by developing their own response strategies and working with local    communities to do the same.
Build teams of people who can put their campaigns and strategies into action efficiently and effectively.
Invest in life-saving research.

We love conversations. So if you’d like help with your fundraising campaigns or on-going donor care, please contact us.

We’re proud to speak to people about the charities we represent, but we do a lot more than that. Take a look at just some of the services we provide…
Face-to-face donor acquisition
Around the world, through our face-to-face conversations, we inspire more than 32,500 people a week to become regular-giving supporters of the charities we represent.
Meet Appco Group Support
This is the team behind our professional face-to-face fundraising service. We know that fundraising is hard, and we believe that meaningful, respectful conversations are a powerful way to connect people to a cause.
Introducing Donor First...
Through our ongoing donor care service we provide charities with a secure and efficient direct debit management system for ongoing, regular-giving donations.
Did you know?
Donor First is committed to making sure donors’ information is secure and that their contact preferences are at the heart of all communication the charity has with them.
Keeping your donors safe and secure
Donor First uses the latest iPad technology to register people as donors so that their personal information is kept safe from the very beginning.

Charity Partners

Global Fundraising Services operates in 25 countries, using our global expertise and local knowledge to provide a complete donor-acquisition and donor-care services for not-for-profit organisations.

AGS Global Fundraising Service’s involvement was essential to structure our face-to-face programme. In just over a year of operations, we have already achieved 10,000 donors thanks to the commitment and involvement of the whole AGS team.

Victor Graca,
Save the Children Abrinque